Express Payday Loans™

Express bill payments™

How does Express Payday Loans™ work?
How is this different from Express Bill Payments?
How long does it take to get funds under Express Payday Loans™?
How would I receive the funds?
How do I Pay back the loan?
Assuming I do not have the repayment amount before the due date
Assuming the repayment due date is on Saturday, what happens?
What do I do if I want to extend or refinance my Loan?
What happened after then?
What sort of documentation do I need to refinance?
If I want to refinance, when must I apply for the refinancing?
What do I need to qualify for a loan?
Can I qualify for a loan if I am unemployed but receiving Disability, Employment Insurance, a Pension, etc.?
How much will it cost me to take a loan for $___?
Can I borrow until 2 pay days from now?
I applied but was told that I do not qualify at this time. Can I re-apply later?
How do I know that you are a legitimate business and/or a legal payday lender?
What are your hours?
I got halfway through the application but was unable to get it finished. How do I carry on where I left off?
Why Express Bill Payments?
How does it work?
How do I use expresscaPAYS BILLS?
How do I Set up my Recurring Billings?
What do I need to set up my Billings?
How many Billings can I set up?
How do I manage My Account?
How do I Settle by Invoice to expresscaPAYS BILLS?
If I need clarification on my Invoice, Who should I Contact?
What are the charges for using expresscaPAYS BILLS?
How is my privacy protected when using expresscaPAYS BILLS?
How am I guarantee that my Bills would be PAID as at when due?
How is expresscaPAYS BILLS different from Internet Banking?
What is expresscaPAYS BILLS Reward Points?
How do I earn the Points?
How do I know how much points have earned?
How can I use my Points?

Reloan (extension or Refinance)

Your payment has come out of my account and my last loan is paid off. How do I apply for another one?
My loan was paid back today. When can I apply for a reloan?
How much can I borrow on a reloan?

Rescheduling Payments and Missed Payments

Unfortunately, my payment has bounced. What now?

Pricing & Rates

Based on the Payday Loans Act 2008, we are allowed to charge a maximum of 21% for a 14-day loan and 42% for a 30 day loan. However, we only charge 17.5% for 14-day loans.

Rate and Term Chart (14 Day Loan Example)

Advance Amount

Amount Financed
  • $100
  • $200
  • $300
  • $400
  • $500

Finance Charge

Cost of Loan
  • $21
  • $42
  • $63
  • $84
  • $105

Payment Amount

Total of Payments
  • $121
  • $242
  • $363
  • $484
  • $605