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Express Payday™ is our brand of consumer lending. The programs are designed to offer you least- cost option to meet your urgent and imemdiate financing needs.  The program consist of Express Bill Payments™, an automated bill payment service generates payment to your service provider even when you have no fund in your Express Bill Payments Account you opened with us. The Account also allows you to add, suspend or delete any bill payment at will. This means, you are in full control of the bill payments. Express Payday Loans is an online payday loan store designed to meet your immediate financing needs. You apply and get approved right from the comfort of your home or office and the funds are directly deposited into your bank account

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 Express Bill Payments™ is a convenient and automated way to manage all your recurring bill payments. You can set up all your various vendors and service providers and never miss a payment, pay late fees or get dinged for an NSF fee again! Our members have set up automated payments for their internet service, cell phone, gym membership, home and office rent, insurance premiums and much more.

At Express Payday Loans, we have also shortened the Pay-day Loan application process in order to meet your urgent cash flow needs. Apply and get approved through Express Payday Loans™ and the funds you need are deposited directly into your bank account in most cases within 5 Minutes!


Manage your bills with ease. One-time bills set up, Set-up reminder and Pay Online.No Credit or Debit Cards
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Express Payday Loans™

Express Payday Loans™ is our fast cash advance service, providing you with funds when you need it most.
Express Money Today™ is our fast cash advance service, providing you with funds when you need it most.
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Express Bill Payments™

Express Bill Payments™ is an automated bill payment service that ensures your bills are always paid on time…even if you don’t have the funds on-hand.
Express Bill Payments™ is an automated bill payment service that ensures your bills are always paid on time…
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Cost of Borrowing on Express Payday Loans


About us

We believe that transformation is the end result of turning ideas into reality. At Express Canada (Ca)  Corp, our concept of transformation is hinged on turning ideas into reality through functional processes driven by technology.

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Pricing & Rates

Based on the Payday Loans Act 2008, we are allowed to charge a maximum of 21% for a 14-day loan and 42% for a 30 day loan. However, we only charge 17.5% for 14-day loans.

Rate and Term Chart (14 Day Loan Example)

Advance Amount

Amount Financed
  • $100
  • $200
  • $300
  • $400
  • $500

Finance Charge

Cost of Loan
  • $21
  • $42
  • $63
  • $84
  • $105

Payment Amount

Total of Payments
  • $121
  • $242
  • $363
  • $484
  • $605

Lines of Credit


TV & Internet








Rent / Mortgages


What we do

Our company is focused on different areas. We are guided by the equity principle. But equity approach is not only right in principle. It is right in practice. This means, in practice, doing a better job of mapping the areas of greatest need – looking beyond averages and disaggregating the data so as better to target those most in need. It means developing better monitoring and evaluation of results, to see what is working and where further resources should be focused.

Quick, reliable payments of your
bills & subscriptions

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